Tubas Charitable Society carried out a project fir capacity building for teachers andto improve the role of parents in the early childhood sector in marginalized areas. The project was released by the Early Childhood Resource Centre in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and UNICEFin the most disadvantaged and marginalized areas in the West Bank and Gaza were the access to educational opportunities and services has increased. The project included capacity building training to teachers and kindergarten educators with the focus on the language, story, theatre, pioneering logic, art and nature. The point is to qualify and equip the teachers with the knowledge and skills related to the development of early childhood servicesand parallel to that to train parents on the same methodology with the focus on the Rights of the Child and the different growth stages child goes through, Active learning and behavioural problems of children. In addition to spend quality time with the focus on the importance of playing and leaning were throughitthey’ll be qualified and equipped with knowledge and skills to enable them applya quality of educational activities with their children.
The project also aspires to increase children's access to educational opportunities and services in marginalized areas.

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