Legal and social services program
Legal and social services program

TCS established its social and legal services unit in partnership with the Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counceling. Our team of qualified lawyers and social workers provide specialised support to women in the Tubas Governorate.

The legal team works to raise awareness of women’s rights as the basis for legal claims, as well as providing free representation in civil and religious courts and mediating out of court on issues including divorce, child custody and inheritance.

Our social worker provides dedicated counceling, rehabilitation and recreational services to women victims of violence and women using our legal services. The TCS vocational training centre offers a variety of courses which serve to empower women with economic and emotional resources necessary for independence. TCS also works in partnership with the police and the Ministry of Social Affairs to find appropriate shelter for women at risk of violence.

We also operate a mobile clinic to provide social and legal services to women living in rural areas in the north of the West Bank. Many of these women face restrictions on their movement due to the Israeli occupation and would find it difficult to reach the TCS office, as such this outreach work provides an essential lifeline enabling the most marginalised to access these vital services.

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