Tubas Charitable Society (TCS) is a humanitarian, voluntary, non-profit association which was established in 1966, on the initiative of volunteers and feminist activists. TCS gained a pioneering status in the Governorate, as it was the first Women’s Association at the Governorate level that met the needs of women and children in order to develop their abilities in social, educational, economic, and cultural areas.

In 1967, TCS was forced to stop its activities due to the political situation. In 1970, TCS resumed its activities and was determined to introduce various social, educational and humanitarian programs in order to empower women. Thereafter, it established a Kindergarten and a Nursery where around 150 children have graduated every year for the past 41 years.

Moreover, in 2011 TCS introduced the Legal and Social Service program to combat violence against women in the Governorate.

TCS is dedicated to meeting the needs of the community and constantly strives towards sustainable development.

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