The Tubas Charitable society in partnership with the Jezoor center for Health and Social Development, held a positive health course in the daily life of the parents, aims of empower the social worker in minstery of affairs Tubas branch and teachers in TCS kindergarten in Rights of the Child and children health.


The trainer Abeer Al-Jamal said that the course targeted 16 male and female participants from Tubas governorate for four days due to the importance of reproductive education which is a reflection of health during the stages of human life from childhood to the elderly

The trainee Shams Basharat, the guide for care and protection of women, expressed the importance of the course to the service providers and the resulting refinement of her ideas, the addition of concepts in reproductive health, the modification of her attitudes in dealing with the issues and the need to target new groups of parents to reach an ideal society free from problems and violence.
Lena Daragmeh said The training was very important to helped in develop her personality and benefited her personal and professional life. It was an opportunity to review the concepts of work and deal with children and invited every mother to attend the course to acquire skills to dealing with her children.
Abeer thanked the trainer  who is based on the course, and recommended them to established new groups family in their location and targeting to spread the concept of education free of violence and based on the principles of child development.

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