Tubas charitable society holds a meeting entitled "Pioneer Women "in partnership with women center of legal and social counseling funded by Drosses organization at the society hall with the presence of 33 women from Tubas governorate.



The social specialist, Iman Mbaslat welcomed the participants and asked each woman to introduce herself then she introduced the guest of the workshop the social pioneer.

Maha the guest of the workshop  starts her speech from childhood to the secondary school level talking about the difficulties that faced her to peruse her study in a neighboring Arabic country. All the challenges that faced her contribute to strengthening her personality and encourage her to start her voluntary work at the charitable society which was rejected from the parents and the society. Maha explained how she worked on her personality and the social attitude towards her. She said that at the beginning of her volunteering she faced many troubles like debts ,chaos and the control of some people on her for personal interest . On the other hand, the understructure was lacking a lot of facilities which leads her to contact with many institutions to help her in saving the basic needs until she was able to start again with a kindergarten, a nursery and a vocational training centre.

Maha said that she worked on the developing of her abilities despite social  and political hardships through the participation on various training courses to do the required activities then she was able to employ  specialized employees to offer a good service. She started with 3 employees today they are 22 and the society has a land ,a gallery, and it offers folkloric  activities in addition to many rooms for the program of legal and social service which cover the governorate of Tubas ,Jenin, and northern valleys.

In the end of the meeting, the participants asked Maha many questions about the challenges that faced her and about her future  ambition. Finally, Maha recommend that all women should be persistent and work hard to make their dreams come true.                                                    

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