tcsasda3The legal and social unit at Tubas charitable society has finished a new group of legal and social meetings at Tubas and Al-Faraa provincial council ,the target of the meetings was 31 women from the governorate in partnership with women center for legal and social counseling and with the support of the Swiss (Drosses ).
The program aims to raise the awareness of the Palestinian society and Palestinian women of women rights and to concentrate at marginalized areas especially those areas which continually suffer. The society provides those services through a team of specialized lawyers and social activists women who provide a free legal and social consultations at the society building or at the court.    
After the needs of the groups were studied the participants ask for certain topics to be discussed which were divided to 8 topics. The most important topics are physiological pressures, women rights, self-confidence, social and family relations, gender based violence, the traditions of choosing life partner and the conditions of marriage contract and dowry, the bad effects of technology, and finally the heritage of Palestinian woman.
Iman Mbaslat the social specialist asserts on the importance of the meetings and the provided services at Jenin where she and the lawyer provide free services through awareness meetings, consultations, and the legal court. She added that the society aims to help women and to fulfill their needs at Jenin governorate.
Alaa Sobh the lawyer at the legal and social unit states that there is an increasing demand to increase the number of those meetings at Tubas and Jenin governorates and their villages. Besides, she asserts that those services will help in decreasing the pressures and the violence that Palestinian women suffer from.
Mrs.Um Tareq who is a participant in those meetings thanked the society and states that those meetings are very important at Tubas especially because there is no institutions that provide like those services at the governorate.
Khatemah Salahat who is another participants asserts on the importance of those meeting especially because they affect her personality  greatly she said that she is able to participate in other meetings and new topics which empower women ,help them in take their rights ,and protect them from violence.
The participants thanked the society for its valuable services and programs  and they asserts on the importance of the continuity of  those meetings because they help them in raising their awareness of their rights at different fields and they express their appreciation for the attention that they receive from the society.
Finally at the end of the meetings, each participant received her certification.