Tubas Charitable Society did Leader Women workshop in partnership with women center for legal and counseling funded by Drosses organization in TCS hall with 25 women present .in Al-Fara village local council in Tubas Governorate.  
Then the social worker Iman Mubaslat introduce The spoken women the laedar Kayria Mohammad to take about her experience and how she is fought against our hard community and she pass to continue to achieve her aims in her personal life .
our pioneer women began her conversation when she was suffering on early married at the age 14 years old after she forced to  left her school because of the political circumstances of the Israeli occupation her father forbidden her to continue her studying . Hence, she began to suffer from the pressures of life, where she lived within the extended family and her childbirths ,the lack of awareness of the responsibility, placed on her despite the existence of handicap children, she has lived conditions and psychological pressure high on the socio-economic level ,here began to consider the establishment of a project to be a of income generator to meet the needs of her family she worked in raise the sheeps with one of the families And she opened her own project with a small tent, which gradually expanded the place to accommodate her project and cultivate the small and surrounding land areas to contribute to the improvement of her income. During this period her son suffered a severe accident and she was forced to sell 423423her sheep for treatment. She returned and started again. From ministry of social affairs purchase of sheep again and expanded its project day after day, during this period worked with another project to increase its income, which is the school canteen, where she made sandwiches in the school cafeteria instead of factory made , during this period went to organic farming and She directed her sons to help and support her until she was able to excel in her production and quality of dairy duty and organic growing of grapes , vegetables according to market demand.
One of the difficulties faced by the leadership is its exposure to some injustice and criticism from parents and society but its self-confidence and belief in its abilities to raise its morale to face psychological disorders.
At present, our leader is moving towards life in steady steps at various levels of social, professional and personal. She has the qualifications of self-confidence, decision-making and the ability to accomplish a lot of work.
The women interesting in her experience and asked her question to benefit in her experience, then they went to green valleys and mountains like small trip.

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