Tubas charitable society signed a project with the organization Oxfam Fund grantAmal Program, and its partners in Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine and Yemen.
The Grant Funds strategically to support organizations to work for the advancement of women's rights in each of these four countries under the title of protecting women in the northern Jordan Valley for partnershipcategories that includes existing and newly established organizations such as The women center in the northern Jordan Valley in Bardala village
The project aims to contribute in the empowerment of women with their legal rights and social and political participation to achieve legal change on women's rights, this must be supported at various levels to facilitate women's access to justice and claim their rights. This can be achieved through multiple activities, including campaigns and visits to study the active promotion of information and provide free service.
The project highlights the marginalized areas, those suffering from political and social violence.
The charity will empower feminist frameworks to work on fundraising and to bring more supporting projects for the Women’s Rights agenda
The project is implemented in e Jordan Valley’s  Women Center, Bardala’s Women Center,Villages Wall Center in Bardala, Atuf’s Women Center, aqba center, Ibzeq Bedwen, Hadedeya Bedwen, and Salhab Bedwen .,  
The project provides services for women in marginalized and isolated areas, it provides social and legal service to meet the basic needs demanded by women as they have difficulty getting to specialized centers in the cities,andraise their awareness on their rights and support them while they’re demanding their rights, this will create a social environment that will integrate women on community work and will  contribute to building a stronger Palestinian society that is able to live through  difficult circumstances we are going through and achieve sustainability.

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